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About Remex Corporation Ltd.

How it all started

Remex commenced its business activities in Bangladesh back in the eighties, in 1983 to be precise. It was a time when the country was just beginning to pursue its newfound dream of industrialization - changing the course from its age-old rural economy. M R A Taha, an accomplished banker working for a reputed bank then, also was dreaming of taking a new course, making a foray into the new economic path of industry and commerce. He founded Remex - sizing up the need for chemicals for our major and many upcoming industries of that time. Till today, when the company has expanded itself into many other areas of business, chemical - as if to pay tribute to the beginning of it all - still accounts for the most major pie of Remex's total business atlas. It was just a modest chemical indenting firm then; and today it is one of the most established leader in this sector - distributing well known brands of chemicals and allied products to many industries, large and small.