Remex Corporation Ltd. - About Remex Corporation
M R A Taha: Chairman and founder of Remex Corporation Ltd.
He was an accomplished banker who served in the largest commercial bank in Pakistan from 1961 to 1970. Mr. Taha is the current member of a large number of national and international organisations, both at home and abroad. Besides being member of commercial associations, he is the member of Bangla Academy; and also of the Advisory Board of Writers Association of Bangladesh (WAB). He is the President of Bangladesh Nature Conservation Society (BNCS).
He received numerous awards for his contribution in multifaceted fields of business and arts. A few representative ones are noted below:
  • Chayan Shahitya Club Award 2004 for Literary Works.
  • Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2007 by Desher Kagoj.
  • Social Work and Industrialization 2007 award by 'Bangladesh Jatio Bektitto Gobeshona Kendro'.
  • Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardi Award 2008 From Bangladesh Personality Research Centre.
  • Bangladesh's Most Respected Company Award 2008 by Desher Kagoj.
  • Kapotakhya Shahitya Parishad Award 2008 for Social Work.
  • The Best Business Awards-2008 by Arthokantha Publications .
  • Nabo Kollol Award 2008 for Industrial Development.
  • Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Award 2008 on Preservation of History by 'MUSLIN' journal.
  • Bangladesh Business Journalists Society 2008 award by Bangladesh Business Journalists Society.
  • Nawab Sir Salimullah Gold Medal 2009 From Aitihya Foundation for Export Performance.
  • Nawab Sirajuddoula Golden Award 2009 For As A Preserver Of National History.
  • Human Rights Award 2009 for Research By Human Rights Legal Aid Society.
  • Award 2009 on Research on Bangabandhu By Bishwa Bangali Sommelon.
  • Kobi Abu Jafar Obaydullah Award 2010 for Preserving National History.
  • Kobi Sarojini Naidu Gold Medal 2010 from The President of People's Republic of Bangladesh as a Preserver Of National History.

Managing Director
Shahriar Taha, current Managing Director of Remex Corporation Ltd, joined Remex in the year 1992.